Back in the Studio
Returned at the end of July from the camper trip to Portugal. A great trip with some wonderfully paintable places and a wealth of inspiration on the way but, sadly, little time to sketch, let alone paint….I took photographs and will use those, combined with the sketches I did make, to create some work from.
Got back to find that I got 74 points for my Exploring Futures Project, which was a big improvement on Drawing for Fine Art Practice and a gratifying result.
I've been organising and clearing out my studio since getting back which has been a good exercise. A lot of the stuff in there had travelled from house to house; studio to studio. Now I know what I have in there and where to find it! It's a joy to be in there. Made the most of it over the weekend by sketching a mole I found in the road on Saturday and starting on a large charcoal drawing of a macabre corvid nest with a mummified young bird in it on Sunday. A truly ghastly object but so poignant.

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