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Post Summative Assessment Hiatus
What to do with the strange and somewhat anti-climactic hiatus between handing in our Degree Work and the ensuing Private View of our Degree Show Exhibition and all that would then be involved regarding meetings and curating of the show?

I think I can honestly say that the week leading up to the hand in on the 31st May was one of the most intense of my life. What was I thinking when I announced that I was going to wallpaper my space...?! Still, gratifyingly, apart from the probably inevitable few things-that-I-could-have-done-better, I was pleased with the end result and felt it had gone well and pretty much achieved what I'd hoped - the recreation of a room as similar in spirit as I could get it, to those in the old house where I'd created the work.

So, in that welcome oasis of calm I decided that the obvious thing to do was to clean and sort my studio, which had deteriorated into a scene of total devastation as I frantically fought to finish my triptych. Splatters of plaster covering everything; nothing in its place exacerbated by a rummage to find obsolete items to sell at our Free Range Table Top Sale fundraiser.

Wonderful to get it done and to feel it's up and ready for the next stage on my artistic journey. There is always something so inspiring about sorting my space: time to reflect, time to enjoy my materials and the potential they hold, and time, simply, to appreciate the peace, solitude and potential of my studio...

Norman-the-Moose, who unfortunately goes with the space in a 'you'll be cursed forever if you get rid of him' way, looked impressed.

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