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MA Module 3: PG MPR

Masters Project Realisation...
Moving into the 3rd and final module of the MA, PG MPR, the Masters Project Realisation, where we consolidate the learning and practice of the past 2 modules into the work that will form our submissions for the MA and, essentially, our immediate future.

The practical work will be realised through an exhibition that we have to assess as part of the 7000 word document which forms the other part of the submission. The written part is being done in regular, hopefully organically, developing drafts and we have the summer to - ideally - finish that bar the exhibition write up - and produce the work we'll be showing. We are (currently - who knows how things may change with the Covid-19 situation still so volatile?) very blessed in that HCA is determined that we, as well as the BA Graduates, will have a real exhibition as opposed to the virtual ones that are all most colleges will be offering this year. This is a wonderful opportunity for us and also pressure as we have to make doubly sure that it's a show worth visiting!

Document: A Reflective Critical Paper
This is underway and my first draft has already been checked through with feedback given and a tutorial this afternoon to discuss the ongoing work. There is obviously a long way to go but I feel that my idea is sound and provides plenty of material to build on and research - it's just finding the right books to build it on...

Practical Work:
I aim to produce a new film as the major part of my final show, which I intend to encompass layers, just as nature does. Some of this layering will take place in the film and editing itself and some in the projection, which I hope to do through physical layers of printed gauze or other fine material. I envisage that some of the material could be cut away to make the effect more ambiguous. The backdrop or screen may be a large canvas painting or charcoal drawing but that aspect is still to be decided. As I found the time aspect of Lockdown so strange and fluid, I also hope to capture that sensation in the film using different speeds. The camera will become my eye so that the film should truly represent my experience of exploring aspects of my personal environment during the extraordinary phenomenon of self-isolation.

I will have to learn considerably more about both the filming and the editing processes to do the idea justice as I am very new to both but it will be an exciting challenge and I know what my subject matter will be, which is helpful.

At the moment I'm also intending to show some large charcoal drawings or photographs and will make the final decision nearer the time.

More updates to follow - watch this space!

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